About Us

Brother and sister duo Ben and Laura along with Pulse8 Centre founded the NetFit brand to bring accessible nutrition and fitness plans to people, through the ease and convenience of an online app.

The founders had witnessed first hand the confusion that can sometimes surround the fitness industry; with so many conflicting theories out there, who’s to know what is right?

The reality is, that it’s actually a lot simpler than you think.

Our personal trainers have watched many people over the past 10 years try different diets, detox regimes, six or even twelve-week training plans and many other quick fix programs to help them achieve their goal. Of course, some of these plans get great results initially but once the program comes to an end, then what? Who is there to encourage you to continue? Did you learn enough through your diet, detox, or 6 week program to motivate yourself to keep going or did old habits creep back in and now you are back to where you began?

At NetFit, we believe it isn’t necessary to turn your entire life upside down to look and feel great. You can have the body you desire by making smarter decisions and learning to be consistent. NetFit’s nutrition and training plans are designed to fit comfortably into your lives whilst still helping you achieve a great body, a body you will be proud of!

We all love to go out, the NetFit team being no exception to this. Having drinks with friends or eating at a restaurant should be a pleasure and there is nothing worse than worrying, wondering if you’re about to undo all your hard work with one night of indulgence. Life should never be like that. That is why we’ve created NetFit.

The entire NetFit team along with our fabulous clients have achieved great results from the NetFit balance. We have proved that being fit and healthy is easy and also lots of fun. Everyone knows that looking good makes us feel good.