Start-up Kit

We will provide you with everything you will need to get you looking and feeling fantastic.

Your Start-up Kit will include:

Yoga Mat: Your NetFit Yoga mat will be your new go to mat, it is made from PU with rubber material and is thin enough to be a travel mat, so along with your NetFit app, you can take it anywhere!

TRX: These are used for resistance training, for those of you that don’t already know this is the newest and most convenient way to get those muscles you have been longing; and the best part is this can accompany your Yoga mat and travel with you anywhere.

3kg & 5kg Dumbbell sets: Your NetFit Dumbbell sets are there to build those muscles further.

Resistance Bands: The perfect addition to any strength training and thats right, another one you can take anywhere!

Skipping Rope: A fun way to burn an impressive amount of Kilojoules.

NetFit Canvas Bag: Something just for fun.. for the gym, a class, the beach, pack your things because NetFit loves going on an adventure.