Privacy Policy

Personal details

When becoming a member of NetFit, your personal information will automatically be stored on our secure server (this can include your IP address); if you do not supply information requested upon sign up, your subscription may not be processed. Your financial details will not be stored on the NetFit server; they will only be stored on the Braintree Payments (PayPal) secure server. When stored, your financial details will be encrypted to ensure their security and safety. NetFit requires your personal details (nor financial details) for the delivery of your start-up kits and any other products, which may be supplied to you at the time of your subscription. We safeguard your personal information to the best of our ability, to ensure that your information is not incorrectly used, accessed, altered, lost or deleted, but as no transmission over the internet is 100% secure, we cannot guarantee the complete safeguard of your personal and financial information.

We may deliver additional services and/or information, including promotions and online marketing through the use of your personal details (eg. Email address).

You will be able to access and edit your personal information on your user profile; if you would like to gain further access, alter or delete any personal information, you may request this by contacting us at The only time that your personal information may be stored past your request to delete it, is if there has been any interaction, event or incident that NetFit believes may lead to legal proceedings that might require the information.


By signing up, you automatically accept for us to collect and store your personal information for ways we see necessary to provide you with the NetFit Service. You are consenting to us sending out any updates or information about new products and/or services. Prior to any additional marketing (of our own or a third parties in conjunction with us), we will get further consent from you. If at any point you think your personal privacy is being breached or would like to withdraw your consent to any additional information services please contact us on immediately.


All payments, which are processed through NetFit, will be through a third party service Braintree (a PayPal service). When directed to a third party supplier you are no longer governed by this privacy policy or our website terms of use. Payment gateways and other payment processors have their own terms of use and privacy policies, by continuing with the payment you are accepting that you have read and agree with the PayPal terms of use. You will be able to choose to pay with a debit or credit card (Braintree); all direct payments adhere to the standing PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

By continuing with the payment, you agree that Braintree (a PayPal service), the third party supplier of the payment gateway may collect, use and store your financial and personal information in the way that they feel necessary to perform the services that they provide us with. Similarly, we are not responsible for the privacy of any third parties in conjunction with NetFit, if you are directed to any third party supplier through a link on the NetFit website, that is your responsibility to be familiar with the terms and privacy policies of that site. PayPal will store your financial information, as a result of an ongoing payment method; however, they will safeguard your information by encrypting your credit card details and financial information to make the holding of this information secure. In saying this, NetFit hold no responsibility to the safeguard of your personal information being stored, by us or any third parties in conjunction with us. To ensure the continued supply of our service or product, your personal information may be transferred to another company, if at any point NetFit is acquired and/or merges with another company.


To be eligible to sign up to NetFit services you must be 16 years or older, if you are a minor of the age of 16-17 you must have a parent or guardian consent to you signing up. If a parent or guardian signs up on the behalf of a minor, it is their responsibility to make sure, you, the minor is aware, understand completely and agrees to the terms of use of NetFit. Any changes to this policy or the terms of use will be communicated to the user, it is also the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the minor to relay these changes to the minor and ensure that they completely understand and agree to the amendments made to this policy. By continuing your NetFit subscription, we believe that you understand and agree to these new terms of use and/or privacy policy.

Physical products – Start up kits

NetFit reserve the right to change, modify or improve any/all products that may be specified at the time of your subscription. We will only do so, if we believe these products to be of equal or better quality, and to be an improvement in our services provided to you. It is in NetFit’s discretion to decide whether the product supplied, is of the quality that we see equal to the description and services that we provide. If you believe that you have received faulty goods or are missing products supplied to you in your start up kits, please request for a replacement within the first 30 days of subscription. If you have any concerns regarding the products that you have been supplied please contact us on, so we can assist you to the best of our ability. Any return of faulty products, will be replaced as quickly as we can process the return and to the best of our ability.


As NetFit is predominately an intangible service (excluding start-up kit products supplied on sign up); we do not permit any refunds on the digital aspect of our services/product. If there is any unforeseen events that you believe warrant you to a refund, please contact us at Any/all unforeseen events or incidents will be taken into consideration by the NetFit team and further evaluated before processing any refund. If any refund is permitted in the first month of subscription, you will be required to return any/all physical products, in the original condition; the user will bare any/all costs and fees associated with the return of these goods. Any international users may be required to bare sales taxes, duty and/or custom changes at the point of sign up, and this may be an additional charge on top of the sign up fee.

Server Details

NetFit is hosed by Google Cloud Platform, by continuing to browse or use the members login page you are accepting to the Google Cloud Platform (Security and Privacy Considerations). Our service is secure and we do store client’s data/information in our database (not financial details). We have been provided a SSL certificate by our hosting service, for which all secure information pages will be run on.


NetFit uses cookies, to remember passwords and all field information, except for secure payment details. By proceeding with NetFit web pages you are accepting to the use of cookies.

Payment Details

All payments are made through a third party host, Braintree (a PayPal service), that by processing with payment you are agreeing to their terms also ( NetFit will not store in our database, any of the members credit card details or any other payment related secure details. PayPal will however store your private payment information on their secure server as a result of recurring payments; they will store your financial information in encrypted code.